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Residential & Commercial Services You can Trust

We are a team split into a residential side and a commercial side. We offer a range of services to clients across the whole NW of England on a weekly, 2-weekly or 4-weekly basis. We have equipment and the skills to offer several services enhancing our relationships with our customers. Feel free to leave a message or comment and we’ll be happy to reply and offer our help.

Our Services


Residential Window Cleaning

We offer our clients either a traditional clean using a mop and squeegee technique or a new method called ‘Water-fed poling’ which is a technique which uses pure water to clean your windows.


Commercial Window Cleaning

We offer an outstanding window cleaning service for all your commercial needs. Our dedicated team will leave your business windows spotless, leaving a great impression on your clients and customers.


Signage Cleaning

With our commercial clients they usually have signs or branding outside their buildings and it is our job to keep on top of these, promoting their professionalism by ensuring they always look spotless and brand new.

Our Other Services

We offer a range of other services to help maintain the look of residential and commercial properties.

UPVC Cleaning

Each building comes with some UPVC and over time this becomes dirty. We ensure a deep clean is done to get the UPVC looking like brand new. This is recommended to be done once a year to keep on top.

Inside Window Cleaning

We also clean the inside of our clients homes, offices and buildings. Some of our clients don’t want the chore of cleaning their own windows so we take over this role for them each time we come.

Gutter Emptying

We offer a gutter emptying service due to clients having a build up of dirt, leaves and and other debris blocking up their gutters and drains, causing damp, leaks or just because it doesn’t look nice.

Jet Washing

Most clients have a driveway/path that could do with a blast from a jet wash to get it looking fresh and cleaner. With the help of the clients water and electric supply we can offer our helping hand.