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We offer a range of other products related to our services. These can be bought online and collected from us. We also offer a delivery service by arrangement.


1000 Litre - Refurbished IBC Tanks

1000 Litre - IBC Tanks
Refurbished like New
Suitable for hazardous and non-hazardous filling goods. Not suitable for food products. Supplied with new caps, gaskets and taper evident. Leak tested.

Dimensions Approx - 1200mm x 1000mm (foot print) x 1160mm high.
Weight Approx - 60KG

Customer to collect, or local North West delivery by arrangement.

Mini 6mm hose tail microbore Female coupling

For use with 6mm Microbore hosing.Can also be used as the coupling to go on your pole tubing.

Free Delivery

Mini 8mm hose tail minibore Female coupling

For use with 8mm Minibore hosing.21 series

Free Delivery

Series 21 Mini male Hose Tail 6mm coupling

Now the most popular fitting to go on the end of your water fed pole tubing. Clicks in and out of the Mini-Endstop fittings 21KATF-6, 21KATF-8, 21KAIW and 21KAAW.

Free Delivery

Jubilee O clips Various Sizes PVC pole tubing

Packs of 10 one size only in each pack. 5-7mm 7-9mm 9-11mm 11-13mm 13-15mm 15-18mm
Clamp pliers is needed to fit the Jubilee O clips to the hose.

Priced per bag, free delivery.